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Q) Are there tryouts for the upcoming International Tournaments?
A) Each year NJ14 hosts tryouts for the age brackets that are being entered into the International Tournaments being offered. The tryout days and registration page can be found at INTERNATIONAL | NJ14 Soccer Club
Q) Are family members able to travel with the players and team?

A) Absolutely! All family members are invited to travel and support their players. Family package is available upon request.

Q) What is the level of competition and play in NJ14 International tournaments?

A) The overall level of play in the tournament is well balanced. The group stage is unpredictable, Some teams can be of equal level and some lower level. Once teams leave the group stages the games are always very competitive.
Q) What kind of fundraising opportunities are offered by NJ14? 

A)Each girl will have the chance to participate in a group fundraiser to raise money for team events overseas as well as personal support. Players will also be provided a sponsorship letter for personal fundraising. 
Q) What is the expected roster size for each team entered into the International Tournaments?

A) We have a roster of 18. 16 field players and two Goalkeepers
Q) Does selection in a previous international tournament guarantee a player's spot for the upcoming year? 

A) No, the tryout process is open to all players, each player will be evaluated on a year-by-year basis and selection will be made based on performance at tryouts.
Q) Will my players' club team be affected by this commitment?
A) No! The players club team is always prioritized. Mandatory dates for in-country events will be provided prior to tryouts to ensure that there will be no interference with your child's club team schedule. 
Q) Do I need to obtain my child's club player pass for any international tournaments?
A) No, the tournaments age check is done by passports. All players will have to go to the passport check on the first day of the tournament as a team with the coach.
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