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NJ14 Soccer club was built to provide an educational experience and pathway for youth soccer players within the state of New Jersey and its surrounding states. Our aim is to create a positive, challenging and enjoyable learning environment that provides players the freedom to express and develop their natural ability. We encourage the players to make their own decisions to fully explore their individual abilities and see the game in the clearest form.

We strongly believe that all players must develop the fundamentals of the game first at the youngest age, we focus solely on ball mastery, control and confidence in 1v1 situations. We want players to be comfortable with the ball and have the confidence to try without the fear of failing. We then move into the mental, physically and tactical phases of the game. Each player learns different from the next, we are firming enforce our coaches to learn each player and teach them the game in a way that they individually understand and enjoy.



Our Core values represent the fundamental beliefs and principles that we truly believe operate a safe and inclusive environment for all.


 We prioritize the development of players first and foremost as a club not only as athletes but also as responsible and confident individuals.


Treating everyone involved in the club with respect, including players, coaches, staff, parents and opposition.


Promoting diversity and inclusion, ensuring that all individuals, regardless of background, race, sexual orientation and ensure they have the opportunity to participate and succeed in soccer.



Encouraging a deep love and passion for the sport and give players a safe environment to be creative and discover the game at their own level and pace.



Emphasizing the importance of teamwork, collaboration, and camaraderie both on and off the field. Knowing that to become good teammates players much have a connection off the soccer field. We deliver team bonding activities throughout their soccer year to ensure the players are comfortable and happy in their environment.


Excellence in Women's Soccer

To become a recognized and respected name in women's soccer, known for producing top-tier athletes and competitive teams.

Inspiring Female Athletes 

To inspire and empower female athletes, encouraging them to pursue their passion for soccer and achieve greatness.

Positive Impact

To make a positive impact on the sport of women's soccer, by contributing to its growth and popularity.

Giving Back 

We as a club give back to the local communities yearly by offer free soccer camps / clinics and webinars to underprivileged areas within the state of NJ. We also hold cleat and uniform drives to support local areas in need of items to allow female athletes the ability to play the game at any capacity. We also offer scholarships for multiple families in need each year.

International Events 

We host international tournaments each year open to the local players within and outside of our club to give the experience to female athletes.

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